La Masía Alt Penedès is just one of those places that you MUST see for yourself to believe its wonders.

Not only is this place picture-perfect, it is an exceptional place to have an overall 5-star experience in the middle of the Catalan wine country. You can enjoy a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in the middle of a lovely and elegantly rustic landscape, where you will be able to delight in the interesting nature that surrounds the property. You can even bathe in a natural pool while overlooking the landscape around it, which I thought was quite the unique experience! The host, Sophie, is exceptional!! She takes every detail into account to make sure that you have a wonderful stay in her home. And the food…I could not enjoy it more.

Everything she cooked was delicious, and the raw material is mostly grown in the garden! SO fresh, from field to fork! It’s not too far from Barcelona, which makes it very easy to just come by and spend the day if you can’t enjoy a whole weekend experience. I recommend this place and will be back when possible, as it is an overall indulgence for all your senses!! You will not want to leave!
Thank you, Sophie! - MARTA, JUNE 2019

Turns out heaven is just an hour from Barcelona city!

Imagine a gourmet chef snipping green peas and herbs a few feet from you, while you and your partner cheers with the best cava you've ever tasted and have an amuse-bouche of homemade crackers with homemade green tomato jam and local blue cheese. Soft music plays in the background, a light breeze tickles the vines and plants and a gust of lavender and mint passes by. You're in the closest thing you can think of to heaven. This snapshot from Sophie's amazing Masia in Alt Penendes is just one of many that I'm coming home with. It's a really special experience that I've never had anything quite my whole life. All the meals are cooked with love from Sophie, a former restaurant-owner and cookbook writer. The food is a little bit of everything, as she comes from Australia where cuisine variety is part of the culture. Almost everything is from her garden to your table, and the proteins are from the best vendors in Catalunya. Everything is sorted, all you have to do is enjoy the view and say "your welcome" to your belly.

The Masia overnight experience is equally filled with love and thoughtful details. It's a four bedroom, two bath house, fully equipped with everything you might need in order to feel like a king or queen. The towels, the mattresses, the linens, the rain shower, it all feels just so luxurious. There are thoughtful details in the home and all over the property, like little nooks to read, a zen garden to meditate, and a board game area.

Sophie is the perfect host. When you have questions or want to chat, she's always available. When you want to have some time to just enjoy the views or chat with your partner, she seems to float away, in this perfect dance that only experts in hospitality know how to do. She comes back exactly at the moment when you finish your last drop of cava with another amazing bottle of natural local bubbly from the region. You feel totally, completely taken care of.

And it's divine. - KATIE, MAY 2019

Last September we enjoyed a great family weekend.

The house and the natural environment are extraordinary. The farmhouse is restored and decorated to create a cozy atmosphere. Sophie offered us a delicious cuisine of great quality and variety. She is an excellent cook with total mastery of the country's dishes and Asian cuisine. We also visited some cellars among vineyards with tasting included.

In short, a perfect place to rest and unwind. - MONSTERRAT, SEPTEMBER 2018